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Bactericidal lamp 15W

Product description
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Bactericidal lamp

UV-BLAZE 15W open type ultraviolet bactericidal lamp is widely used for disinfection of indoor air and surfaces. It is widely used in general hospitals, swimming pools, medical offices, operating rooms, etc.

Irradiator type – ultraviolet ozone-free open type
For rooms up to 15 sq.m.
Dimensions 469x140x122 mm
For disinfection of air and surfaces of the closed rooms
Used without the presence of people
This type of UV irradiator is suitable for effective control of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses of all types of influenza
Extended lamp life up to 18,000 hours – twice as long!
Silent, ozone-free, odorless irradiator
Complete set: case – stainless steel, Philips UV lamps
The stationary UV bactericidal irradiator “UV-BLAZE – 15 W” of open type is intended for disinfection of rooms up to 15 sq.m.
Placed on the wall or ceiling
Mains voltage 220V, lamp power – 15 W.
Disinfection is performed only without the presence of humans or animals
“UV-BLAZE – 15 W” has certificates, patents and is a medical device
Air disinfection efficiency 99%
Places of installation: manipulation, operating rooms, offices for sputum collection, office for reception of patients in polyclinic, hospitals, pools, offices of dentistry, podology, etc.

Additional options: advice on choosing a UV ozone-free open-type irradiator, maintenance, installation, laboratory measurements (after installation and during operation of the device)
Guaranteed prompt replacement (!) Of any device that has failed – to support the continuous operation of devices in the room and human safety
Free delivery across Ukraine
2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Buy UV ozone-free lamp in Ukraine



According to design features and mechanism of action, open, shielded and closed irradiators are distinguished.

Open UV irradiators are suitable for disinfection of air and surfaces as an additional method in combination with other methods of surface treatment. Used without the presence of people.

Shielded shutter irradiators (such as UV-BLAZE) are recommended for use in areas where there is a risk of airborne infections or in areas where aerosol-generating procedures are performed. Used 24/7 and in the presence of people.
The use of shielded UV irradiators is recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, CDC, WHO.

Recirculators (closed irradiators) are not recommended for air disinfection. The main reason is too low efficiency, the impossibility of adequate maintenance, the formation of a “short” circuit (small range, which corresponds to the efficiency of a single air exchange and below, which is a very small figure), etc. The Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine does not recommend the use of recirculators for disinfection of indoor air due to questionable efficiency.


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