How to choose a TV wall mount?

Modern realities dictate the fashion for the functional use of space at home. There is a large number of smart apartments and other spaces alike, where every small corner has to be functional. This trend applies to the placement of home appliances inside the house as well. Since modern TV’s have mostly flat panels, it is more convenient to place them on the walls, using TV wall mounts. There exist different varieties of such TV mounts, you can install them on a wall, ceiling or hide inside furniture. You need to remember a few simple things that help to choose such a device. Types of mounts:

  • Fixed or static. This type allows you to rigidly fix your TV parallel to the wall. People use this type of wall mounts for fixing TVs with a large diagonal mostly. You can see them even in public places. Fixed wall mounts are reliable and cheap. If you want to save money and space in your apartment, pay attention to this type of wall mount.
  • Tilted. This kind of mounts allows adjusting the level of the tilt of the TV, which is very convenient, in cases when the screen is above the level of the viewer’s eyes.
  • Full-Motion. Such mounts make it possible to move the screen not only up and down, but also to the left and Your screen is placed further from the wall than in the case of other type of mounts, which is not always suitable for small apartments. Nevertheless, it is perfect for TVs with a large screen diagonal.

When choosing a TV wall mount, pay attention to the following:

  • Your screen diagonal. TV screens differ in size. Your must choose the wall mount that is suitable for the size of your TV. You can find this information in the specification of your TV
  • Load. Compare the weight of your TV and the maximum weight that the mount can support. Do not overload the TV wall mount.
  • VESA. More than 140 mount manufacturers adhere to this international .. This is the distance between the mounting holes at the back of the TV vertically and horizontally. You can find TV’s VESA standard in your TV’s data sheet. Or you can measure it yourself with measuring tape or a ruler. Just measure the distance from the center of the mounting holes horizontally and vertically in mm. These two numbers are the VESA standard.
  • Mounting kit. Go for wall mount models, which include all the necessary materials for installation. These are dowels, anchors and fixing screws. Some manufacturers may complement the kit with HDMI cables and corner adapters.

Speaking about additional characteristics, we can mention additional shelves (for example, for DVD), wire boxes, design, material and the name of the brand.

In general, the easiest way to choose the wall mount is the following: Determine the type of wall mount you want and whether it suits your TV size, load and VESA standard.Make sure to check that the manufacturer offers the warranty and mounting kit. Avoid wall mounts that are larger in size than your TV diagonal or the one that cannot hold the weight of your TV. Usually, TV mounts can hold more weight than it is specified in the datasheet. Nevertheless, matching VESA standard of your TV and wall mount is essential. Stand by these simple rules and you will choose a wall mount that will definitely fit your TV.

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