Tablet Mounts

Our company has developed a line of mounts for tablets to be installed in public places.

There are 3 main mounting options – floor stand, desk mount, and wall mount.

KSL tablet mounts are made according to the individual dimensions of each particular tablet since there are a lot of tablet manufacturers, all the nuances of the mount manufacturing should be taken into account.

The mount has two options for the base – fixed to the floor and free-standing.

All KSL mounts are made of high-quality metal. The surface of the body is powder-coated.

The standard product line uses black color; individually batch can be painted in any RAL color.

The tablet can be installed in both landscape and portrait modes.

Mounts can be equipped with an optional swivel-tilt mechanism for any positioning of the tablet, to meet all the necessary requirements. The protection of the tablet is carried out by the use of a special key.

There are options with the open and closed home button, as well as options for cutouts for the necessary connectors or volume button.

Tablets protected by the KSL anti-vandal enclosures can be safely installed in restaurants for demonstrating menus, in shopping centers as pointers and for a quick orientation, in stores for displaying goods that are not on the shelves, at exhibitions, conferences, forums, in government and educational institutions as well as many other options.

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