Attention !!! Counterfeit!

Recently we’ve learned that there are mounts on the market that have packagings very similar to the KSL products.

We decided to check it out and bought a few mounts. Indeed, it turned out that those were low-quality mounts intended to fake KSL products.

You should be very careful when choosing a TV mount! Pay attention to the brand and manufacturer. Notice that the counterfeit has a different brand name. But the packaging design of the counterfeit product is made in traditional KSL trademark colors and style, obviously to draw more customers’ attention when on the store shelves. But there is more, one of the packagings has Model Number Nomenclature completely identical to ours.

The packagings do not contain any information about the product manufacturer. If there are any questions or complaints, there is nothing you can do about it, since there is no customer support service. Inside the box, there is only the mount itself with some screws included. There are no warranty cards or tv mount installation guides or other paperwork that confirms the authenticity of the product in the boxes.

The mounts’ quality is poor. Rough edges, poor paint job, rust, warped end caps, thin metal – you can see it all on the photos.

It is also worth mentioning that the mount model nomenclature starts with WM – the same as most of our model numbers. It seems they rely on the buyers’ inattention.

When checking the barcode, it turned out that they were just made-up random numbers. For comparison, here is the screenshot that shows a barcode check for the KSL WM227T model.

Check out the photos and be very careful! Don’t get tricked by the low prices from unauthorized sellers. You should only choose the original products to get the best quality and full customer service support if needed.

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