Digital Signage and reasons for their popularity among global retailers
Presenting promotional video materials at sales points, exhibitions, service centers, etc. becomes more affordable, but earlier one needed to connect a USB flash drive with information to each of multiple screens. No one knew about the synchronization of the images. In addition, it took a lot of time and human resources. Now the situation has changed and Digital Signage replaced the past means of advertising. This group includes all kinds of video walls, projectors, LED media facades and other types of digital screens. It is important that they can be located not only within the same premises but also in different cities, while they can be managed from one point. More and more retailers with a global name prefer advertising through Digital Signage. This phrase means not entertainment, but is a part of a thoughtful marketing strategy that increases the profits and level of customer confidence. This is not surprising, because the results of such activities increase communication with potential buyer and thus increase revenue. The client, in turn, gets instant delivery of information, special personalized offers, product characteristics, which previously was available only on Internet sites. Some brands, such as Polo, Ralph Lauren and many others, went further and organized interactive cooperation with the client by installing digital-fitting rooms with screens. In such rooms, the buyer can read information about the product, select the size, make a choice and pay for the product without having to queue at the checkout.
Trends of Digital Signage in the world retail
The number of applications of Digital Signage is constantly growing. We can mention the most popular trends in this field, such as:
  • Gamification. This is a way of interacting with a brand or product in a game- form, which significantly increases the level of customer loyalty.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC). Non-contact information exchange with signage using a smartphone. This technology is especially popular in real estate, as the consumer can find and store the necessary information about the residential facility without a visit to the agency;
  • Collection and analysis of a large amount of information. With the help of Digital Signage, analytical companies can track the growth of customer involvement via Bluetooth. In some systems, various sensors for recognition of persons, age and sex are built. This technology is the future of advertising.
Ukrainian retailers are just beginning to introduce modern technologies and give preference to digital signage, touch screens and other types of similar technologies. We still practice the distribution of leaflets or the installation of small screens in stores and shopping centers, which, according to the research, has practically lost its effectiveness. It is much more productive to invest in the installation of touch-screen kiosks or video walls with multiple screens. Thus, the retailer gains profit through interaction with several advertisers. In addition, he raises the level of loyalty and trust from the buyers and increases the total revenue through increased sales growth.