Digital Signage Solutions

You won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary advertising sign. More and more new technologies are getting into our lives. Interactive signs, information stands have already entered our lives. And this is not a surprise, because static information is becoming less interesting.

Here is a good example of signs in stores. Digital advertising clearly wins this “unequal fight”)


We have developed a line of anti-vandal enclosures and stands for placing digital signage and other things in public places.

Today we will talk about anti-vandal enclosures.

Available in 4 main sizes: for screens 32″, 37″, 42″, 47″. Custom production is possible for any display sizes.

Reliable protection of the enclosure is provided primarily by a robust metal case. The front panel of the enclosure is made of tempered triplex glass. This enclosure has 2 locks that get locked with 2 different keys. The locks themselves get closed with anti-corrosion caps in the color of the case and are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Enclosures can be mounted on the wall or equipped with ceiling mounts.

The front panel is opened by a lifting mechanism with a gas spring, which provides easy lifting and reliable fixation of the front panel at the time of installation or setting of the display.

The internal mounting system consists of the parts of our professional line of mounts, which provides an 8-point micro-adjustment of the screen in 3 planes for precise installation and alignment of the panel.

Models for indoor installation are equipped with a ventilation system to maintain the room temperature inside the box.

Models for outdoor use are equipped with a climate control system with temperature sensors and the ability to set the optimum temperature inside the box. Cooling is provided by 4 professional fans with bearings. All fans are covered with removable filters that can be easily replaced.

Outdoor enclosures can optionally be equipped with a “cold start” system. If your TV panel does not work around the clock, then before starting it at low temperatures, you must first warm up the enclosure. That’s why the system is equipped with a sensor that will not allow the TV to turn on until the desired temperature is reached inside the enclosure.

The enclosures are delivered in black by default. On request, it is possible to custom paint it in any RAL color.

We are constantly updating all our products to keep up to date! Stay tuned.

We are getting better to meet all your needs!