Full-Motion TV mounts – how to choose

The TV bracket is a convenient device that helps to position the TV as comfortable as possible for the user. There are several types of these devices: tilted, fixed, ceiling. The most universal of these are Full-Motion TV mounts. Such devices allow you to install the TV anywhere in the house. Turned TV brackets can be used with conventional TVs, plasma, plasma TVs, LED TVs and LCD TVs.

The Full-Motion TV mount has several advantages:

  • The possibility of installing a TV in a corner or in rooms with irregular geometries or several zones;
  • The user can change the position of the device, tilt and rotate it in a convenient direction at different angles;
  • With the Full-Motion TV wall bracket, the TV or Flat screen can be installed up to 0,6 meter away from the wall, which is very convenient in the kitchen or in rooms with the refraction of the sun’s rays;
  • Quality Full-Motion TV mounts are ergonomic; they can be mounted right after unpacking without much effort;

How to choose the turned TV wall mount?

Before buying a console, decide where the TV will be located. This is important in terms of comfortable installation and design of the room. If there are uneven walls in the room or you plan to make zoning, give preference to the Full-Motion TV bracket.

When buying such a TV mount, it is important to pay attention to such aspects: 

  • Material from which the console is made. Usually, it is metal, since the device must be strong and withstand the weight of the TV; 
  • The maximum weight that the arm withstands; 
  • The angle of rotation; 
  • Equipment. Be sure to check the presence of all parts of the device; 
  • Ergonomics. Self-assembly should not cause difficulties;

We advise you to pay attention to the KSL Full-Motion TV mounts: they are high quality, ergonomic and comfortable to use.

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