KSL TV Stands – your reliable assistant!

We would like to present to you a product line of KSL profile mounts for TV panels. It widely presents models for different diagonals of screens, with different bases, as well as options for one or more TVs.

KSL aluminum profile mounts are a safe and stylish design solution for placing TV panels.

The aluminum profile used in the production was specially designed by the KSL design engineers. Due to its unique design, it can withstand heavy loads, while being fairly light. The aluminum profile design is more reliable and stable than the pipe structures. Special attention in the development was given to the appearance. That is why KSL TV stands have a modern design appearance, they fit into any interior without any problems; and the ability to manage wires into hidden cable channels will allow you to not be distracted by hanging down wires.

Many optional accessories allow each stand to be fully adapted to meet specific requirements. The range of accessories includes easy-to-install shelves for placing an AV source or video camera. Thanks to this, KSL stands are an indispensable assistant for video conferencing. The shelves can be mounted throughout the entire height of the vertical supports. Also, among the optional accessories, it is worth noting all kinds of brackets for different screen sizes, for installing TV panel in portrait mode, brackets with angle adjustment, etc.

For almost all models of profile stands, 3 base options have been developed: floor, fixed to the floor, and mobile. Castor wheels in mobile stands are made with rubber coverings for silent movement and equipped with brakes for reliable fixation in a given position.

Galvanization and powder coating reliably protect the base from chips at the ends. Therefore, when using a mobile stand, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged during frequent movement and accidental bumps on walls and other surfaces.

The type of mount of the horizontal profile on which the TV is hung is designed so that you can easily adjust the height of the screen.

And in conclusion, it is worth noting the ease of stand installation. Each mount is equipped with the necessary fixtures for ease of assembly and installation. With simple and clear instructions, you can easily install the TV stand in a short time.

KSL profile stands are a simple, reliable, and stylish solution to the problem of placing a TV panel. Be it a meeting room, video conferencing and seminars; placement of TV panels at the reception, in the lobby and other places of the HoReCa sphere; or convenient placement of the TV in your home.

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