Our company offers services in laser cutting, laser engraving of metal – any types of steel, incl. stainless, aluminum, alloys and other metals, the perforation of pipes on a modern fiber optic laser cutting machine.

The thickness of the metal
0.5-20 mm (depending on the type of material)

Working width
Width of the working field on the surface of the laser: 6000 × 2000 mm

The width of the cut
0.08-0.2 mm (depending on the thickness and type of material)

Precision laser machine
Positioning accuracy – 0,01 mm

The laser cutting of metal is the most modern and advanced technology for the cutting of sheet metal. The parts, which designed for laser cutting, haven’t any restrictions on the geometric form, only the imagination of the designer or designer limits the degree of complexity of the contour of the product.

The advantages of this technology include:

  • Metal processing follows an absolutely arbitrary contour.
  • After work, the laser does not leave uneven edges, burrs and other defects — subsequent cleaning of the product in most cases is not necessary.
  • Accuracy of cutting — the laser gives such a miserable error that the gaps of parts are practically absent. And as a consequence — the consumption of material is minimal.
  • High production efficiency. Cutting thin sheet steel can be carried out at high speed.
  • The laser makes it possible to cut almost any metal: black sheet metal, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, etc.
  • The probability of metal deformation is eliminated, which makes it possible to process and cut even the thinnest metal

Laser cutting of metal

Pipes cutting

Metal bending

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Metal welding

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