Modular systems for fixing video walls

  The video wall is a system of professional TV panels, arranged together with minimal gaps (today it is only about 2 mm) into a single screen. There are special requirements for mounts of such video walls. After all, it is very important to align the screens into a single system. Also important is the functionality of the mounts, as for setting and maintaining TV panels you need access to their rear. Often, to get there, it is necessary to dismantle the entire video wall or part of it. Today we will take a look at functional modular mounts for video walls from the KSL Company. There are 2 systems in the line: pop-out and kickstand. Both systems are used for mounting video walls of any number of TV panels since they are supplied as separate modules. It all depends on your preferences, imagination, and means. The systems provide easy access to displays for their set up and maintenance. Pop-out module The functionality of this module allows you to place video walls in niches and indentations with minimal gaps between the bezels of the panels. The module uses the push-to-open system, which provides easy access to any of the screens at any time, without special tools. A little tap that’s all it takes for the system to pull out the given panel forward. The spring mechanism for the system was specially developed by our technologists. The main goal of its development was to ensure reliable fixation, and at the same time bring the mechanism into action with minimal effort. Thus, with our push-to-open system, you will not spoil the panels with frequent strong taps on the screen!                 To impart rigidity to the structure, to ensure smooth running without wobbling and positioning without backlash, industrial linear bearings are used at the joints, and thrust industrial bearings are used at the joints of moving parts.            Fine-tuning and alignment of screens are provided by adjusting the module in 3 planes. Depth adjustment of each individual panel corner. Corner height adjustment for setting the required level. Tuning in a horizontal plane to reduce gaps between panels. The system can optionally be equipped with an adapter for placing displays in portrait mode. Specifications: Display diagonal: 32″- 65″ Maximum load per module – 50 kg VESA – min. 200×200, max. 600×400 Kickstand module A module that locks the position of the screen at an angle for easy and safe access for setting up and maintaining panels. The module uses the kickstand system. To access the screen, you just need to lift and secure the system. Please note, for safe access, all upper screens must also be raised! The system uses reliable locking stoppers that hold the panel in a raised position. The kickstand module as well as the pop-out can be adjusted in 3 planes, which allows you to align the screens and connect them into a seamless video wall.                          Specifications Display diagonal: 32″- 65″ Maximum load per module – 50 kg VESA – min. 200×200, max. 600×400