New! Protective box for projector (Indoor)

Advertising is the key selling engine for any business. One of the main modern advertising tools is DIGITAL SIGNAGE – video walls, contact screens, and projectors. Nevertheless, each advertiser understands that it is not enough just to install a high-tech equipment to display advertising content. One has to think over all aspects of protection against break-ins. This is a reason behind such popularity of anti-vandal boxes. As it becomes clear from the title of this article, anti-vandal box is an armor that protects the projector from burglary.

KSL offers high-quality anti-vandal boxes for different types of projectors. These products are suitable for installation inside any kinds of buildings.

Our protective boxes are suitable for most projectors; they are equipped with a wall and/or ceiling mount. This is very convenient for installing in shopping centers and small shops. The box is made of metal with protective and decorative polymer coating. This means that you get a reliable and stylish device with an attractive appearance that fits into any building.

The KSL anti-vandal boxes are equipped with tempered glass and two protective doors for ease of maintenance. Each door has two locks, which guarantees convenience of access and protection from opening by unauthorized persons. The box is equipped with a special retractable perforated shelf with adjustable tilt, so you can fix the projector in almost any position. Such device should also ensure proper functioning and appearance of the projector inside the box. Therefore, we installed inlet and outlet air fans inside our product. In addition, our boxes contain replaceable air filters, which collect dust.

Anti-vandal box is a guarantee of the safe and durable work of your advertising projector without risk of intrusion of unauthorized persons.

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