Sheet metal laser cutting – features and benefits

Laser cutting of metal quickly became an alternative to more outdated methods, as it has a number of indisputable advantages that allow you to accurately, quickly and safely get the required result. Since there is no mechanical effect on the cut material when cutting with a laser, it is very easy to cut fragile materials with a laser.

Laser cutting metal requires a focused beam of less than 0.5 mm with an extremely high power density, melting the material, and then an auxiliary gas (oxygen or nitrogen, depending on the material) that covers and protects the melting zone, sweeps away the molten metal, creating a very narrow drank. The laser cutting process provides high cutting precision and a very narrow heat-affected zone. Laser cutting is suitable for all steels, but currently it is usually limited to a maximum thickness of about 30 mm, and the most efficient cutting is in the range of 0.5 to 20 mm.

Laser cutting is controlled by numerical control – CNC. Intelligent software digitally designs a 2D prototype. This design is then translated into a series of instructions for the laser.

Benefits of laser cutting sheet metal:

  • High-quality cut – finished parts are usually not finished further.
  • Super Flexibility – With laser cutting, you can get both simple and complex parts with intricate contours.
  • Non-contact – no surface defects.
  • Accuracy – laser positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm. This means that parts are laser cut to a high degree of precision.

Fast set-up – laser cutting does not take a lot of time to retool and start-up other products, as required, for example, a stamp or a bending machine. To do this, you only need to load a new file into the program and replace the metal.

Suitable for almost all metals.

Which metals are suitable for laser cutting:

  1. Black (carbon) steel
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Brass
  4. Aluminum, aluminum alloys
  5. Copper, copper alloys
  6. Titanium

For each type of metal, both the type of cutting and the type of laser must be selected. This can be done not just by following the instructions, but also having extensive experience in this area.

We have installed fiber optic laser machines, which have a number of advantages over conventional CO 2 machines:

  • Fiber lasers are usually two to three times more energy efficient than CO2 lasers of the same power.
  • A fiber laser can cut thin sheets faster than a CO2 laser of the same power. This is due to the better absorption of the fiber laser wavelength at the cutting front.
  • Fiber lasers are capable of cutting reflective materials without the fear of back reflections damaging the machine. This allows you to easily cut stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

How to determine the quality of the received part? Inspect the part, pay attention to the presence / absence of roughness, the width of the cut, how deeply the temperature has been affected, whether the edges of the part are perpendicular, how accurately they were made, whether the material is damaged.

How to order laser cutting?

Everything is very simple. Send us your drawings by mail zakaz@ksl.ua:

  • Scale 1: 1
  • All files must be in vector format (ideally DXF, DWG and STEP)
  • All lines must be closed
  • All objects must be in curves

If you don’t have such files, it doesn’t matter. Our design department will develop drawings for your project. This service is free for the production of serial products in our production!

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