The world’s first LED display installed in a cinema by Samsung

Samsung Electronics has successfully installed Samsung Cinema Screen, the first commercial LED display, at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea. The screen is used as a movie screen, it provides a bright and clear image due to the high dynamic range. The diagonal of the display is 10.3 m! Deep, realistic sound in the cinema is achieved with HARMAN Professional Solutions’ advanced audio technology.

Samsung Cinema Screen LED technology with direct-lit function reproduces video content with maximum brightness, the level of which is 10 times higher than standard movie projectors (146fL vs 14fL). The display shows the exact reproduction of all colors, and additional settings for shades of gray allow you to show on the screen both the deepest dark colors and the brightest shades. The contrast ratio is almost endless!

The Cinema LED Screen is perfect not only for classic use but also for conferences, broadcasting of sports events and concerts, corporate events, and much more. And perhaps this is due to the fact that the display can provide excellent image quality in any light.

In May 2017, after numerous tests and checks, the screen successfully passed certification according to the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standard.

It is too early to talk about the use of such technologies in Ukrainian cinemas. But, very soon, in the near future, we will enjoy the new quality of watching movies)

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