Top 5 Digital Signage Trends of the Future!

Just a while ago digital technologies were perceived as a fairy tale) But time goes fast. Very soon, Digital Signage will consist of many features, including personalization, data analysis, augmented reality, interactive media, and artificial intelligence. All these features are already available or will be implemented soon.

Trend 1. Technologies will be more complicated.

The realities of our time are that no one wants to wait. People need fast data processing. Such an increase in response speed requires the most advanced equipment. Fast response is needed to improve data processing.

In the business world, time means money, so investments in digital technologies are expected. Since content is crucial for Digital Signage, streaming settings will be optimized for a better understanding and perceiving of information by customer.

Displays interact with cameras, mobile devices, and applications already. Sensors process personal data to improve service quality.

For example, when visiting a restaurant, you will be offered a special menu following your dietary preferences and health status. And most importantly, such information will be provided to you as soon as you enter the restaurant, i.e. your data will be processed faster than you read the menu.

Trend 2. Technologies will be smarter

The Digital Signage operational process will continue to improve to speed up data processing and better information delivery. Analysis of your products, services, solutions will be accelerated, and your customers will be satisfied with improved service. When buying a swimsuit, for example, you will be shown an advertisement for sunblock. These technologies are already in use today.

The key features of this analysis will be recognition and personalization. Personalization is available through the analysis of personal information that you provide to open sources or your private devices. These are age, sizes, preferences, taste, lifestyle, place of work, profession, and many other factors that reflect your personality as a whole. Big companies are increasingly working on creating data analysis algorithms to predict customer behavior, status, and preferences.

The recognition process is more complex, as it includes the work of numerous sensors, cameras, devices, and applications. When you enter a store or other establishment, you will be greeted by name and be immediately offered the products you need. Using Digital Signage at the office increases employee productivity. The display acts as a personal assistant that provides advice and recommendations depending on the situation.

Trend 3. The software will decide what and when to show.

Many marketing departments will use artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out their responsibilities. The tasks of these professionals will include managing and monitoring the work of digital assistants. AI will make an appropriate decision on whether specific content should be displayed to a specific client based on an analysis of numerous indicators and databases. AI will analyze the person’s goals in front of the screen to determine which ads are best to display at that particular moment.

Trend 4. Data will be a core, and data processing will matter

Digital Signage is a powerful tool for improving reaction and customer loyalty, so it’s important to understand what content to display and how it works to achieve maximum efficiency. Digital technology in sales is a rather expensive process that can be profitable if applied correctly. Work on content remains important!

Trend 5. Digital Signage instead of staff

Communication with customers will be achieved through the display. It will exclude any in-person interaction between people. Amazon Go has already implemented cutting-edge technology for stores that now don’t have any checkout lines. Smart displays play a key role in shopping without sellers and cashiers. You take what you need, pay for it via the application, and leave the store without wasting your time next to the cash desk.

If you need a shower gel, the display will show you the best. While waiting for a taxi, your gadget is already aware of your thoughts, offering places to visit at your final destination on arrival.

We live in an age of rapidly developing technologies. We are lucky to witness the digital revolution that has already begun! Your data is already being analyzed, but not yet used properly. After 10 years, Digital Signage software will know better what and how to display and what you need at a given time.

Welcome to the future!