Top 5 Unique Digital Signage Technologies at World Airports

Airports around the world are constantly evolving their technology to better meet the needs of their passengers and improve their experience in terminals. The days of waiting and losing time at the airport have been eased with Digital Signage technology.

Also, the passenger experience has been completely redesigned to focus on self-service, as can be seen with the interactive kiosks at airports that help passengers print boarding passes, check luggage, search for information and even make online purchases to receive them upon arrival at their destination.

In anticipation of the May holidays and long weekends, when many have planned trips, we decided to take a look at the most technologically advanced airports in the world. We highlighted 5 of them in our collection.

  1. LED displays at Tom Bradley International Terminal. Los Angeles Airport, USA.
    Redesigned to focus on returning “the romance and magic of travel,” Tom Bradley International Terminal has evolved from a passing point to a destination point where you want to stay and enjoy everything around. The renovation of the terminal cost about 737 million US dollars. And it was worth it – the terminal has become one of the largest multimedia entertainment systems among the other US airports.
    The main sight is the so-called Time Tower. It is basically a giant 4-sided LED panel wrapped around one of the elevator shafts in the Great Hall. The height of the tower is about 22 meters! The bottom of the Time Tower is interactive and responds to passenger movements, triggering visual effects in real-time. The upper part of the tower includes a functional image of the clock, consisting of high-resolution LEDs. The tower also broadcasts the story of Los Angeles using optical illusions and pieces from Hollywood films.
    The terminal also contains many other displays that greet passengers with interactive visual effects as they travel.
  2. Pour yourself a beer – an innovative solution at O’Hare Airport.
    Before and after a long and exhausting trip, some passengers like to relieve stress with a refreshing beer or wine. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport has implemented a new technology that allows customers to use self-service wine and beer dispensers through touchscreen kiosks. Great idea, in our opinion!
  3. EntertainMe Kiosks at Heathrow Airport.
    London’s Heathrow Airport offers passengers to download movies, magazines, newspapers, and travel guides to their smartphones and tablets using the newly installed EntertainMe kiosks. These downloads will allow users to watch content during the flight without having to access Wi-Fi or data services.

  4. IMAX Cinema at Hong Kong International Airport.
    Opened in February 2007, Hong Kong International Airport offers its passengers a 358-seat IMAX cinema. A huge screen measuring about 19.5 by 13.5 meters shows movies with 3D and 4D effects.
  5. Changi Airport, Singapore.
    This is one of the best airports in the world. There are many plant corners, chic rooms, recreation areas. But they do not forget about pleasant trifles, such as kiosks for feedbacks and reviews, even installed in toilets!
    With the advent of the new T4 terminal, the airport promises to “blow up” the world. That’s because, it is planned to place the technologies of the future there: virtual stewards, biometric scanning, and mobile boarding using a smartphone, and much more.

If you have other examples of the cool Digital Signage, not just at airports, send them to us! We will be pleased to post them in the following reviews.