Vandal-proof kiosks – the screen is under reliable protection!


Anti-vandal stand for back-to-back placement of 2 displays DSK 42-55-2

The development of DIGITAL SIGNAGE technologies requires the market for more and more new solutions for the installation of interactive signs and placement of screens in public places. Recently, we have already written a review on our line of anti-vandal enclosures for TV panels for indoor and outdoor placement.

Today we will talk about anti-vandal multimedia kiosks for indoor use.

This line of multimedia kiosks, has a wide range of aesthetic options, makes it easy to implement any advertising or branding strategy.

At the moment there are 2 types of multimedia kiosks available within the product line: for one screen and two screens with back-to-back placement. TV panels are placed in portrait mode inside the kiosks.

Standard multimedia kiosks are available in 3 sizes:

For 42-inch screens
For 47-inch screens
For 55-inch screens
On request, it is possible to custom-make a stand of any configuration.

The vandal-proof kiosk protection is provided primarily by a robust metal casing. The locking system of the kiosk is organized in such a way that it is almost impossible to get unauthorized access.

The transparent front panel is made of tempered triplex glass.

The stand is equipped with a natural ventilation system to maintain the proper temperature inside the kiosk.

Multimedia kiosks come pre-assembled to facilitate installation.

Stands can be mounted on any surface, and can also be bolted to the floor for more reliable installation.

Inside the box, there is enough room for the AV source and other devices. As well as managing all the necessary cables.
The internal mounting system consists of the parts of fasteners of our professional line, which provides micro-adjustment of the screen in 3 planes for perfect alignment of the panel.

Multimedia kiosks are made in black by default. As an option, they can be custom painted in any color according to the RAL catalog.

The range of our professional solutions for installing AV equipment is constantly updating. Stay tuned!

We are getting better to meet all your needs!