Design of the Gromadske TV channel studio

In the studio of the Gromadske TV channel, several locations were provided for filming various programs.

On one of the locations, there is a video wall with 5 displays in portrait mode. The video wall is in the wall niche of the scenery. For its implementation, VSMP modules with a push-to-open system were used, which provide easy access for front maintenance of displays. Smooth running and precise positioning are ensured by a professional spring-loaded mechanism with industrial bearings.

The second video wall of 3 displays set in portrait mode is located on a different location near the window. It was not supposed to touch the window so the mount should be extended and be able to swivel. The video wall is mounted on a column that cannot be drilled. Therefore, our design engineers developed a special wrap-around column tv mounting bracket.

All video walls use display mounting brackets with 3D adjustment in three planes. This makes it possible to align the displays in a seamless video wall without special efforts.

The project was implemented by our partner Techno Media.

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