Digital signage в Champion Hall

Champion Hall is a unique institution within Ukraine, which includes several locations for recreation. But, of course, first of all, it is a “sports hub”, which will not leave any sporting event without attention.

Of course, for such a large institution, a lot of visual content was needed. And we were more than happy to help.

In Champion Hall, 3 video walls of various configurations were mounted: 6×4, 3×3, and 4×2. And also 57 additional TVs were placed on the KSL tilt mounts.

For video walls, standard profile solutions by KSL were used. In the 6×4 video wall, 3D mounting brackets with a lifting mechanism up to 30 degrees were used, which provided convenient access for front maintenance of 20 displays.

3D mounting brackets made it easy to align displays into seamless video walls. The adjustment of the position of displays is carried out in three planes.

The project was implemented by our partner, OptiVision.

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