Outdoor TV Enclosures in the OKKO fuelings

Quite often we use our standard mounting systems in the projects. One such project was the installation of the anti-vandal weatherproof enclosures at the OKKO gas stations chain.

For the project, 46-inch and 55-inch displays were selected. For them, the enclosures were made.

The weatherproof enclosure DSHO (outdoor) provides good display protection:

The enclosure has a sturdy metal body

The front panel is made of tempered triplex glass

The enclosure has two locks with two different keys. The locks themselves get closed with anti-corrosion caps in the color of the enclosure and are almost invisible to the naked eye.

For easy installation or readjustment of the display, the enclosure front cover opens up to 90 degrees with the help of gas springs, which provide an easy opening, smooth-running, and reliable fixing in the right position.

Inside the enclosure, a climate control system with temperature sensors and the ability to set the required temperature inside enclosure is installed. In cold weather, the enclosure is heated using a professional heater. Cooling is provided by 4 professional fans with replaceable filters.

The display inside the enclosure is mounted using our standard VESA mount system. It makes it easier to adjust its position using micro-adjustment in 3 planes.

The project was implemented by our partner, OptiVision.

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