Projector Lift in the conference hall of Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant

A projector lift is a good solution for any room, whether it be a conference hall, a training space, a HoReCa establishment, or a cinema. The lift is completely hidden in the ceiling space and lowers when you need to use the projector.

The lift is driven by the motor. The lift has a precise positioning at a given height, which can be set once and it will not require further retightening over time. The lift motor runs almost silently, so it will not distract you.

The smoothness and uniformity of the lift travel are ensured by the use of industrial bearings, a high-quality metal wire rope, and a reinforced design of the moving parts with special spacers that prevent the mechanism from backlashing during the movement.

One of these lifts was installed in the conference hall of Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant. The lift was slightly modified by our design department, as the room in the ceiling space was limited. A lift with an extension of 900 mm was to be installed in a niche of 186 mm. To do this, it was provided for projector mounting on the inside of the ceiling closure panel.

For ease of use, the lift was equipped with an RF remote control.

The lift was independently installed by the specialists of Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant.

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