Vending machines for the KFC

For the KFC chicken restaurant chain, our company has manufactured 10 self-service kiosks: 7 double-sided and 3 single-sided.

The casings’ versatile design provided for different types of mounts: to the floor, floor to ceiling, and wall mounts for single-sided kiosks.

The color of the self-service kiosk was carefully selected to match the trademark red color of the KFC chain.

Mounts for displays, payment terminals, receipt printers are provided inside the kiosk casing. The display is mounted using our standard VESA mount with micro-adjustment of the screen in 3 planes.

To close the kiosks, an anti-theft lock is used, which opens 2 doors simultaneously on a double-sided kiosk.

For the receipt printer, there is a separate door with a magnetic lock. The printer itself is located on a pull-out shelf. Thus, the replacement of the cash register tape will take only a few minutes.

The project was implemented by our partner AV-integrator.

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