Video wall at the Nova Poshta sorting center

Recently, the Nova Poshta company opened a new innovative sorting center “Kyiv Innovation Terminal”. A video wall with 6 displays was provided for the office to display operational logistics data.

The video wall is implemented in a semicircle. To give an aesthetic appearance, the video wall is decorated with metal cladding painted in RAL color at the request of the customer.

Behind the cladding is not a solid structure, but separate video wall mounts that are connected by special parts at the desired angle, forming a semicircle of the required radius.

For fastening displays, specifically designed for this project mounting brackets (“paws”) were used. On one pair of mounting brackets, two screens are placed one below the other.

The “paws” are micro-adjustable in three planes to align into a seamless video wall.

The project is implemented by our partner, OptiVision