Video walls at Intertop, River Mall

2 video walls were installed in one of the Intertop stores in River Mall.

One of them is a 3 × 3 wall-mounted video wall. For it, a typical VSP4433C aluminum profile mount was used. The mount is equipped with protection against display falling due to the accidental collision. 3D mounting brackets with micro-adjustment in three planes are used.

The second video wall is a ceiling mount for 4 displays. Here, the standard mount required some improvements.

Since the store is located in a shopping center, and the ceilings there, as you know, are very high, our designers have developed a 4-meter high mount. The reinforced design reliably fixes the video wall to the ceiling. To mount the displays, standard 3D mounting brackets are used to align the screens into a seamless video wall.

The project was implemented by our partner, OptiVision