Video walls at the Central Department Store

Kiev’s Central Universal Department Store or “TSUM”completely changed after the reconstruction of 2012-2016. The area of TSUM increased, and the interior became “airy” and light. The architects made everything possible to make the central department store of the capital an adornment of Khreshchatyk and to evoke the desire of every passer-by to look inside.

The distinction of the “new” TSUM was the emergence of various modern technologies inside and outside the building. KSL supplied nine video walls for the department store in various sizes, from 3 by 2 to 6 by 3 screens TV LUX Company, KSL’s partners implemented the project. KSL developed individual modular mounts for video walls. One module allows the installation of two and three panels on it. In addition, maintenance teams can easily access the displays for service. KSL designed and manufactured two types of modules, suitable for two and three screens. Thanks to the strengthened design, the modules withstand a load of up to 100 kg, which makes it possible to install the panels safely. In order to ensure the smooth operation and secure fix of the module, KSL used thrust and linear bearings in the mounts. we used a pantograph extension mechanism with a spring in order to tighten the modules in the closed position. Such solution allows the user to adjust the rigidity of the mechanism for the accuracy of setting.

The user can lock the module in the closed position with two locks. In order to activate the sliding mechanism it is necessary to open the locks simultaneously. We provided the access to the sliding mechanism under the bottom panel of the module. We provided a stopper for safe maintenance and fixation of the panels in the extended position in the fasteners. The modules have a built-in screen control system in three planes in order to align the panels in a video wall, such modular design allows the installation of a video wall of any length and height for two or three screens.

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