Video walls in the studio of debates on UA:Pershiy TV channel

Our company implemented the remarkable project this year. It was the studio for pre-election debate on UA:Pershiy TV channel.

Since the studio is temporary, it was a challenge!

All fastenings must be collapsible and no fixation, while being size dimensional!

4 video wall mounts and 3 columns of 3 portrait mode monitors were developed for the studio. One of these mounts is for 16 monitors.

The total 4×4 video wall mount height is over 4 meters! The height from the floor to the bottom string of displays is 1.5 meters.

Our construction department has developed a freestanding not mounted to the floor construction. Since the scenery began just in front of the video wall, the difficulty was also it was impossible to take the forward support.

But the difficulties do not stop us) and the construction was designed to maintain stability in such conditions. Additionally, fixture was provided to accommodate the counterweight if necessary.

Each of 4 structural supports is adjustable in three planes for the most accurate video wall level adjustment.

The construction also provides the additional ceiling fastening cables to fix the video wall.

Columns for 3 displays are 5 meters high. They have a collapsible construction. Support points were made in different directions for stability of the column.

Other features are designed the same way as on the main video wall: adjustment of the bearing supports in 3 planes and additional ceiling fastening cables.

All the constructions have the screen micro-adjustment in 3 planes to align the displays in a seamless video wall!

The project was completed by our partner VisionHouse.

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