Video walls in the Ukreximbank meeting room

Video walls are the best solution for displaying content in meeting rooms, conference halls, control rooms, etc.

That is why in the conference hall of JSC “Ukreximbank” it was decided to install 2 video walls.

The complexity of this project was that the conference hall was round and we needed to develop mounts with this in mind.

Our designers have developed a video wall mounting system with depth adjustment so that the video wall can be aligned into a flat surface on a round wall.

The design has a slope of the entire plane of the video wall.

Another nuance was that both video walls are located above the entrances. For the displayed content to be clearly visible, it was decided to increase the distance from the wall. Thus, the video walls received reinforced adjustable mounts with a large extension from the wall.

The mounting brackets are adjustable in 3 planes to align the displays into a seamless video wall.

The project was implemented by our partner – OptiVision