Be a man – hang the TV!


WARNING! Due to the introduction of quarantine restrictions, the promotion has been extended until April 30! Plenty of time – buy a bracket and win prizes!

The man said that if he hangs up the TV, then it will, and there is no need to remind him of this every six months!

Everyone gives gifts for March 8 to women, and we decided that you, dear men, congratulate your women yourself! And we want to make a gift for you! It’s time to finally buy a bracket and hang the TV. And get a chance to win a drill driver!

So, the conditions of the promotion are simple.

  • In the period from 06.03.2021 to 30.04.2021 buy any bracket of the KSL or SIMPLER trademark.
  • Register on the promotion page on the website http://ksl.ua/news/8_march. To register, you need to specify the name, phone number, e-mail and unique serial number of the bracket you purchased. The serial number is affixed to the packaging and includes 1 letter and 7 numbers. An example of a sticker on a photo. All duplicate serial numbers will be removed and will not participate in the drawing.
    Attention! If your bracket does not have a sticker with the bracket serial number, please contact the KSL marketing department by email marketing@ksl.ua, in the feedback chat or by phone on the contact page.
  • The last day of registration is 30/04/2021. Next, we summarize the results and on 05/12/2021 we are holding a drawing of 5 drill-screwdrivers using the random.org service. The results of the drawing will be published on the promotion page on the ksl.ua website as well as on our Facebook page.
  • To receive a prize, you must provide a photo of the unique serial number of the bracket and a receipt confirming the fact of purchase.

Receiving a prize means buying it for 1 UAH. To purchase, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and TIN.



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