Buy a TV mount – win a TV!


Everything turned upside down! First the bracket – then the TV!

Buy a bracket and win one of 5 TVs.

We will give away prizes on February 3, 2021 among buyers of KSL brackets!


It is very easy to take part in the promotion:

  • Buy any bracket of the KSL brand in the period from 08.12.2020 to 31.01.2021
  • Register in the form below. To register, you need to indicate the name, phone number and unique serial number of the bracket you purchased. The serial number is affixed to the packaging and includes 1 letter and 7 numbers. An example of a sticker on a photo. All duplicate serial numbers will be removed and will not participate in the drawing.



  • Wait for the prize draw on 02/03/2021. The results of the drawing will be published on the promotion page on the ksl.ua website as well as on our Facebook page.
  • To receive the prize, you need to provide a photo of the unique serial number of the bracket and a receipt confirming the fact of purchase.

Receiving a prize means buying it for 1 UAH.

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