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Serial production of sheet metal
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Get a quick calculation
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Full production cycle in one factory

Technical capabilities of our production
Laser machine
Bending machine
Welding site
Painting area
Cold forming area
Assembly area
Packing area
  • Maximum sheet size 3000x1500 mm
  • Maximum metal thickness 8 mm
  • Maximum bending length 2500 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness 5 mm
  • Semi-automatic welding
  • Сontact welding
  • Argon welding
  • Capacitor welding
  • Drilling machine
  • Milling machine
  • Stripping (grinding)
  • Band Saw
  • The size of the firing chamber LxWxH 6000x1500x1800 mm
  • Any color according to the RAL catalog
  • The maximum force of the stamping press is 250 tons.
  • Metal thickness - 0.4 - 2.5 mm
  • Maximum table size: 850 * 1120mm
  • Installation of blind rivets from f3, 2 to 6, 5mm
  • Installation of riveting nuts from m3 to m10
  • Full or partial assembly
  • Stretch packaging
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Boxing (optional)
  • Complete preparation for transportation
  • Customer packaging
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What exactly do we produce

  • cases for vending machines
  • enclosures for fire protection systems
  • anti-vandal cases
  • enclosures for equipment
  • cases for heaters
  • housings for fixtures
Vending machines
  • water machines
  • food vending machines
  • snack vending machines
  • ATMs
  • self-service terminals
Metal furniture
  • locker rooms
  • tool cabinets
  • left luggage lockers
  • parcel delivery terminals
  • furniture components, furniture frames
Mounting systems
  • brackets for air conditioners and other equipment
  • furniture brackets
  • baskets for air conditioners
  • elevator shaft brackets
  • mounts for advertising equipment
  • brackets for construction work
Telecommunication Cabinets
  • floor cabinets 19’’
  • wall cabinets 19’’
  • mounting racks
  • cable organizers
  • junction boxes
Other serial products
  • barbecues
  • lining for elevators
  • bottle stands
  • shelving
  • retail store equipment
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Why more than 200 customers have chosen us

Full cycle
Your product is made by one contractor in one factory
Medium batch production takes only about 3 business days
We select the best equipment for each product to reduce the final cost.
Design Department
We will help optimize your design or develop it from scratch.
We guarantee the quality of the products you received, and you do not need to look for which of the contractors made a dent or a chip
Experience with metal
We know exactly how best to make your product, in any field - from medicine to heavy engineering
We will arrange the delivery of products to your warehouse.
Focus on the main business, and entrust production to us!
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Leave a request


Order: Barbecue Party
A task
Realize the idea of the customer brazier of unusual appearance and shape.
Project Features
The design of the barbecue should take into account the fastening of all elements, ease of assembly, convenience and safety of operation and the minimum cost of production.
A design was developed that fully meets the requirements of the customer: the product folds compactly, assembly takes no more than 1 minute, the surface under the barbecue does not fade, when exposed to high temperatures, the product does not deform.
Order: Water Automation
A task
Reduce the cost of the construction of water dispenser cases.
Project Features
The design should ensure the impossibility of access to insiders, look good externally, because installed in public places, while it should be fast in production (production timing is important). There were no working drawings of the structure, which contained many small parts; development period - 14 days.
The enclosure was fully designed to meet all requirements. The design was optimized, which allowed it to reduce the cost by 30%.
Order: Requested
A task
To make metal invitations to the opening of the restaurant.
Project Features
Small items; when cutting, thin walls between elements could burn out.
By setting the correct operating modes of the machine, everything was made as planned by the customer.
Order: Metal Invitation Cards
A task
Perforate the pipes that made up the equipment.
Project Features
In each pipe, more than 50 holes had to be cut. When perforating pipes, 1 pc. the cost and terms of the customer were not satisfied
A conductor was made, which made it possible to place not one pipe on a machine table, but a bag. This decision allowed to reduce the cost of work and meet the deadlines.
Order: Fasteners for advertising constructions
A task
To make 50 thousand pieces. the same type of galvanized fasteners.
Project Features
Products were small and inconvenient for threading, in each of 50 thousand products it was necessary to cut the thread in two holes. For chemical galvanizing of products, it was necessary to contact a third-party contractor.
For fast threading, special conductors were made, which made it possible to reduce production time by more than 2 times and, accordingly, minimize manufacturing costs. We took over the work with the galvanizing contractor, as a result of which the customer did not need to search and organize the work of the contractors on their own. The customer received the finished product on time at his warehouse.

How we are working

You leave a request for calculation or consultation of a specialist
Our manager will contact you to clarify the terms of reference
Production and approval of a prototype
Conclusion of an agreement and approval of a schedule for shipment of lots
You receive a quotation within 1 day from the date of approval of the terms of reference
Series production
Shipment of finished products
Leave a request
Leave a request

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