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Punching metal

Our company offers services for punching of metal using modern equipment, at competitive prices and within the agreed time frame!

To contact us: call, write or fill out the form below!

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Main characteristics of  punching of metal KSL 

Total sheet thickness

Depending on the type of material, the thickness can be from 0.5 mm to 4 mm

Positioning Accuracy

The positioning accuracy is 0.05 mm

Maximum sheet dimensions

Working surface size: 1250 × 2500 mm

Maximum sheet weight

Maximum sheet weight: 100 kg

Sheet thickness by material

Structural steel: 2,5mm; Stainless steel: 2mm

Maximum punching speed

The maximum punching speed depends on the product material

What types of metals can we process?

Carbon steel

Depending on the metal

Stainless steel

Depending on the metal


Depending on the metal


Depending on the metal

Other metals

Depending on the metal

Manufactured by KSL

Production 2500 m2

Design department

New equipment

Fast production times

Full production cycle

Hi-tech technology

The main advantages of  punching of metals KSL 

✔ High machining accuracy combined with lower prices.

✔ The ability to produce parts with a large number of perforations with high precision;

✔ With the help of coordinate punching of metal, you can get unique, complex parts specifically for your project;

✔ It is possible to produce parts in serial batches in a continuous flow;

✔ It is possible to cut a variety of hole shapes, as well as small diameter holes;

✔ Due to the use of new equipment, the probability of metal deformation during stamping is minimized;

✔ Fast delivery of samples, harvested parts;

Why do you need to order metal punching services from us?

Full production cycle

Your product is manufactured by one contractor in one factory

We comply with the deadlines

Production of an average batch takes from 3 working days

Market prices for services

We constantly monitor the metalworking market and control our pricing system

We draw product models

We develop a model of a part from scratch for free according to your technical task

High product quality

The quality produced by KSL complies with all international standards

Fast delivery of orders

We ourselves will organize the delivery of products to your warehouse, you do not need to worry about anything

Examples of products made by mechanical work

Useful information for you on  punching of metals

Brief information on the technology of coordinate punching of metals

Coordinate metal punching is the cutting of sheet metal, which makes it possible to obtain holes of various sizes and shapes according to specified parameters. Coordinate metal punching is used to cut a large number of workpieces of the same type with a thickness of no more than 6 mm. This method is not used for processing brittle metals and alloys, and in some cases requires additional processing of the cut edges. Modern equipment allows for coordinate punching with a minimum error of up to 0.05 mm. and high speed. Used for processing steel, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. Coordinate punching can be part of a range of services for sheet and metal machining.
Coordinate punching technology. The metal moves along the guides and is pressed with high speed and accuracy using a coordinate punching press. The machine is equipped with punches of various shapes and sizes that pierce metal according to a given program. Numerical CNC technology is used to create a matrix that clearly displays the size and position of the holes.
Metal punching is necessary for perforation, contour cutting, hole punching, blinds and stiffening ribs.
Advantages of coordinate punching of metal:
1) Energy efficiency – during coordinate punching, the least amount of electrical energy is consumed in comparison with laser and plasma cutting machines;
2) High speed and accuracy of punching holes, allows you to get lots of parts in a short time;
3) Profitability – as a rule, the cost of coordinate punching is an order of magnitude cheaper than laser and plasma cutting;
4) Suitable for medium and large batch orders;

Frequently asked questions from KSL customers

In order for us to make an accurate calculation of the cost of coordinate punching of metal and the timing of the service, we need to receive from you complete information about the product, a detailed technical task or a drawing in one of the formats: PDF, CDR, DWG or DXF. The prices for KSL machining services are determined according to such basic criteria as:

1.The volume of the order;

2.Kind of metal and its thickness;

3. Terms of order fulfillment;

4. The complexity of the work, depending on the workpiece;

5. Tolling or own raw materials;

Find out how much machining costs and to order it, you can send all available drawings and drawings of products to our email metalworking@ksl.ua, attach a file in the order form at the top of the page, or call us.


The design department of the KSL company, depending on the complexity of the product, can develop for you a drawing of the product of interest absolutely free of charge, if the potential planned purchase volume is assessed by the manager of the direction as promising, in accordance with the requirements of the companies. To create a professional drawing by our design department, you need to provide the following information:

1.PDF drawing or an example of a drawing / photo / drawing indicating the exact external and internal dimensions of the product that interests you;

2. What metal and its thickness will you use to get the finished part.

3.Painting will be or not. If so, you need to specify the RAL color and paint texture;

4. Desired time for receiving a sample and ordering a finished batch;

5. Will be give-and-take or own raw materials of the company;

Due to the fact that the production process of the KSL company is geared towards medium and large-scale production, and we make individual orders quite rarely, we are ready to consider options for orders from 1000 EUR. But in any case, please contact our managers, they will advise you as soon as possible.

The production complex of the KSL company is located in the city of Kiev on the street of Semyi Sosninykh 9. Coordinate punching of metal Kiev is very popular, many Kiev metalworking workshops produce it, but we ask you to pay your attention to the lead times and quality of goods for a reasonable price offered by KSL.

The KSL company implements orders throughout Ukraine and abroad. Companies from all regions of Ukraine constantly contact us: Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lvov, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lutsk and many other regions of Ukraine.

The KSL company has its own export department, which, in the shortest possible time, will be able to make for you a miscalculation of plasma cutting of metal and advise on all issues of interest to you. KSL plasma cutting services are ordered from such countries as: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Poland, England, Ireland, as well as from other countries. We work on all possible conditions of international shipments according to Incoterms 2020, depending on the needs of the client.

To place an order, you just need to contact a representative of our company “Contacts” or leave a request on the site. We will call you back to clarify the details and discuss further work.
Coordinate metal punching on favorable terms is the motto of the KSL company for this direction. Our employees have vast experience in working with different types of raw materials, which allows us to provide quality advice to our clients, as well as fulfill orders at a high level and on time. As a rule, our logistics department itself organizes the delivery of finished products throughout Ukraine and abroad, so you do not need to worry about placing an application in our company. 

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