Solid fuel boiler "Freedom"

We have created this stove to keep our precious customers warm during the cold winter evenings!

Technical parameters

  • The dimensions of the Solid fuel boiler are 530x310x540 mm;
  • Weight – 45 kg;
  • Power – 7 kW;
  • Heating area – 65m2;
  • Furnace body – Steel 4mm;
  • Furnace paint – Thermosil-800, RAL9005;
  • Furnace chimney – 80x102x2 mm; Cooking surface – 120×4 mm;
  • Air circulation system – Pipes 60x30x2 mm;
  • Oven door – Rotary with shutter;
  • Ash chamber – Retractable;
  • Attached clothes dryer – for 4 people;
  • Fuel – firewood and briquettes;
  • Handles for transportation – 2 welded;
  • Warranty – 12 months;

Drawing Solid fuel boiler "Freedom"

Price on Solid fuel boiler "Freedom"

Small party

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  • The cost of a small batch for an order from 10 to 100 pcs

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  • The cost of an average batch to order from 101 to 1000 pcs

Big party

from 1001pcs
  • The cost of a large batch of orders from 1001 pcs

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    Detailed description Solid fuel boiler "Freedom"

    Solid fuel-steel stove “VOLYA 22” from the KSL company
    A single-burner stove with a convection radiator is a metal structure designed for internal heating of premises, cooking and drying clothes/shoes.

    1. Start of work:
    Follow the fire safety rules when installing and operating the stove.
    During the first ignition, paint vapors may be released from the surface of the stove, so the first operation must be carried out outside residential premises or with the condition of sufficient ventilation. It is necessary to install a chimney to remove smoke and ensure normal draft.

    2. Technical characteristics:
    • The furnace body is made of sheet hot-rolled steel 4 mm thick (has a high heat transfer coefficient);
    • The stove is equipped with an adjustable chimney damper (slider).
    • Swing door with shutter.
    • The ash chamber is made in the format of a retractable box, for the convenience of its cleaning.
    • Has a cooking surface for cooking.
    • A mechanism for drying clothes/shoes is optionally available
    • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 530x310x540 mm
    • Chimney exit height – 80 mm.
    • Power – 7 kW
    • Heating area – 50 m2
    • Weight – 45 kg
    • The stove is painted with fire-resistant black paint.
    • Fuel – firewood.

    3. Design and principle of operation
    The stove for heating and cooking purposes with the function of drying clothes/shoes has a reliable welded construction made of 4 mm metal. A flame reflector is provided in the design of the furnace to improve the heat transfer properties. The door with full opening allows you to load the kindling material as comfortably as possible, and the ash box with a flap helps to control the burning, change its intensity and easily carry out ash cleaning. The draft and access of air, which affects the intensity of combustion, is regulated by opening the damper on the ash box, on the front of the stove. The chimney damper has a cut that ensures the maximum overlapping of the chimney pipe on no more than 85% of the area, which makes it impossible for carbon monoxide to enter the heated room. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design without deteriorating the technical characteristics of the product.

    4. Installation of the furnace.
    The stove must be installed in accordance with current building codes and fire safety regulations. The chimney pipe must be installed on the stove using horizontal or vertical pipes. The stove should stand on all legs evenly, with the chimney facing up. The floor under the stove, if it is made of combustible materials, should be protected with a metal sheet measuring 600x1000x3mm. The distance from the furnace door to the opposite wall must be at least 1.25 m. Metal furnaces must be installed at a distance of at least 1 m from structures made of materials of the flammability group ГЗ Г4, and at least 0.7 m from structures made of materials of the flammability group Г1, Г2.. The nearest walls near which the stove is located must be made of fire-resistant materials or treated or covered with such non-combustible materials. The distance from the top of the oven to the ceiling should be at least 120 cm. The cooking surface should be used only for its intended purpose – for cooking in dishes. Cooking/frying food directly on the surface of the oven is prohibited. Be sure to make sure that the chimney is securely fastened and that it is of the correct diameter and properly sealed. Before starting to use the stove, check the draft in the chimney. This is easy to do with a lighted match or candle near the chimney opening. The draft is considered satisfactory if the flame of the match/candle leans confidently towards the pipe. If the flame of the candle bends only slightly, this indicates low draft.

    5. Ignition and operation of the furnace.
    Open the firebox door and open the ash box flap. To start a fire, put paper, sawdust or small chips inside the firebox. Place 3-4 small logs of chopped dry wood on top. Light the fire and close the oven door. After the wood is kindled and burning reliably, put ¾ of the volume of the firewood firewood and close the damper of the draft regulator. To add fuel to the furnace, it is necessary to open the firebox door slowly so that the smoke goes in the right direction and does not enter the room. The amount of fuel should not be excessive, as this can lead to overheating of the furnace. Use dry firewood (max. residual moisture 20%). This is best achieved by storing the wood in a well-ventilated dry place. Wet wood has a lower heating capacity and causes the formation of deposits in the smoke channels of the chimney. Do not use wood that contains glues, or impregnated with varnishes or other technical materials.

    6. Furnace maintenance.
    For the normal functioning of the furnace, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance in a timely manner. It is necessary to clean the ash box before each use, this will ensure normal access of air and burning of the material. It is important to remove soot and ash from the smoke channels of the furnace and clean the chimney to ensure normal draft.
    Clean only a cold oven to prevent possible thermal damage.

    7. Warranty conditions:
    • The warranty period of operation is set for 1 year from the date of sale.
    • During the warranty period, the Buyer is entitled to free repair of mechanical parts resulting from factory defects and/or replacement of defective components.

    8. The warranty does not apply to the following cases:
    • Non-observance of product installation recommendations and instructions;
    • In case of mechanical or chemical damage caused by the owner;
    • For components that wear out (handles, hinges, clamps, seals, grates);
    • For products that have failed as a result of non-compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance;
    • When using the stove for a purpose other than its purpose, changing the design and/or repairing the product.

    9. Compliance with the safety rules of operation. For safe installation and operation of the heating furnace, follow the recommendations described in the regulatory documents:
    • DBN V.2.5-56:2014 “Fire protection systems”;
    • DBN V.2.5-67:2013 “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning”.