Metal bending

Our company offers sheet metal bending services on modern equipment, at favorable prices and on agreed terms!

KSL provides quality metal bending services

Metal bending is one of the technological processes of metalworking, the basis of which is the use of a bending press, with the help of which metal parts undergo deformation and become the required shape according to the drawing. With the help of metal bending, you can make a large volume of metal blanks with the required bending angle, without using additional equipment.

The main characteristics of bending KSL sheet metal

Metal thickness

Depending on the type of material, the thickness can be from 0.5 mm to 15 mm

Maximum bend length

The maximum bending length is 2600 mm

Maximum working effort

The maximum working force of the machine is 100T

Distance between columns

The maximum distance between columns is 2150 mm

сталь листова

Carbon steel


Stainless Steel

Алюминий листовой






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KSL metal bending equipment

KSL requirements for metal laser cutting drawings:

Specifications that do not meet the above requirements will be completely free of charge revised by our design department and adapted to our production, provided that you place the order with us.

Why choose us?


high quality

We constantly improve our quality and step by step move towards new standards


adhere to deadlines

We do our best to meet the deadlines agreed with our customers


communication 24/7

We are constantly in touch with our client and are always ready to help in solving any issues


attentive to client

We always try to provide the client with the maximum amount of attention and help to solve problems


complete set of works

At our factory, clients always close their projects or individual products "Turnkey"


we find solution

We find solutions to implement it even in the most complex projects that have never been done before

How do we work?


You leave a request for a calculation or consultation of a specialist


Our manager will contact you to clarify the technical task

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You receive a calculation for the project in no more than 3 working days


Production and approval of your sample


Conclusion of the contract and approval of the shipment schedule


Launching a batch of products into operation, according to the terms of shipment

Examples of products we produce

Videowall mounts

TV stands

Menuboard mounts

Enclosures for displays

Digital signage kiosk

Motorized projector lifts

TV wall mounts

Monitor brackets

Projector brackets

Steel furnaces

Cases for convectors

Casing for generators

Casing for water dispenser

Individual cases to order

Closet for weapons

Telecommunication cabinets

Terminals and ATMs

Modular houses

Metal mailboxes

Metal carport

Baskets for air conditioners

Grills to order

Pipe products to order

If you haven’t found your product among these products, don’t worry, because our designers and technologists will definitely adapt your product to our production!

Metal bending Kyiv, Ukraine

Why place an order for metal bending at KSL?

  1. The cycles that an order goes through before launching into serial production:
  • Our designers study your drawings in detail, if there is a need and opportunity, they offer you to modernize the products absolutely free of charge, adapting it to our production, without losing the original functionality, saving your money.
  • Together with you, we prescribe all the requirements for the quality of the manufactured part and approve the critical parameters that you will pay attention to in the first place.
  • We make a sample, measure all dimensions and control points according to the quality conditions that we have jointly approved.
  • We hand over the sample to you for approval, taking into account all the stipulated technical and aesthetic quality parameters.
  • We are waiting for your response according to the sample, if there are structural defects, our designers will solve them, if there are production remarks, we will analyze and eliminate them.
  • We are telling you – everything is ready for the launch of the series of products!
  • You place an order and sleep peacefully, waiting for the order to be delivered within the stipulated time.

2. We always plan the loading of our capacities, which allows us to issue orders on time.
3. One of our managers will be assigned to your company and will be able to give you feedback on the order 24/7.
4. We value our customers and often give nice gifts to team members with whom we communicate on orders.
5. Independent of the production, the quality control service selectively checks the products from your lot.
6. We make a photo report of the order before packing.

KSL is often contacted by companies with such problematic issues in metalworking as:

1. We are constantly being disrupted by the shipment deadlines according to the contracts, can your factory help to solve this problem?
2. Because of the low-quality metal components that we make on a contract basis, we receive a lot of complaints from our customers, will you be able to provide normal quality of semi-finished products?
3. We are unable to receive products from the supplier of the appropriate quality in the agreed time, can you help to close this issue?
4. Can your managers adequately and quickly answer the question regarding delivery terms? Are you okay with communication between managers?

We always listen to the client’s problematic questions and do our best to solve their “PAIN”!

Features of CNC sheet metal bending

The main features of sheet metal bending, which distinguish it from other methods of processing, are the accuracy and speed of project implementation. Using CNC bending machines, it is very easy and incredibly accurate to bend parts of completely different sizes from metal of various thicknesses, preserving the integrity of the workpiece. Depending on the type, structure and thickness of the metal, the pressure power of the bending machine is adjusted by the operator for a specific part. Due to the high precision of our machines, you receive a part ready for use or transfer to the next metalworking section. In metal bending, we use only high-precision machines from the best European brands, because the quality of your final product often depends on the quality of bending.

Advantages of sheet metal bending over other types of processing

If you need high-quality sheet metal bending, then you need to contact our company KSL and get higher quality bending at an acceptable price.

Types of CNC sheet metal bending:

Frequently asked questions of new KSL customers:

In order for us to make an accurate calculation of the cost of bending and the terms of the service, we need to receive from you complete information about the product, a detailed specification or a drawing. Prices for KSL bending services are determined by such basic criteria as:

1) Type and brand of metal that you need to process;
2) Volume of the order;
3) Complexity of work, depending on the detail;
4) Customer or own raw materials are used in the order;
5) Order execution terms;

Due to the fact that the production process of the KSL company is focused on medium and large series production, and we rarely make individual orders, we are ready to consider options for orders from 5,000 euros for sheet metal bending work. But in any case, contact our managers, they will advise you as soon as possible.

It all depends on the complexity of the calculation and the number of details that we have taken into account, on average we set aside 1 working day for announcing the price, maximum up to 5 working days.

The design department of the KSL company, regardless of the complexity of the product, can draw your product absolutely free of charge, provided that you place an order with us. To create a professional drawing by our design department, you need to specify the following information:

  • A PDF drawing or an example drawing/photo/drawing indicating the exact external and internal dimensions of the product you are interested in.
  • What kind, brand and thickness of metal will you use to get the finished part.
  • Priming, painting and other types of surface treatment will be or not. If there will be, then you need to clearly write down which ones and specify the RAL color, as well as the texture of the paint.

The maximum size of the KSL sheet is 2600 mm with a maximum thickness of 15 mm, but please note that everything depends on the type of material, the width of the matrix and the bending radius.

KSL sheet metal bending services company are ordered from such countries as: Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, as well as from other countries. We work under all possible conditions of international shipments according to Incoterms 2020, depending on the needs of the client.

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