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Our company offers sheet metal laser cutting services using modern TRUMPF TruLaser equipment at competitive prices and on time!

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                                          ATTENTION to our Dear Customers!
Our company works exclusively with serial or large one-time orders! Unfortunately, we do not work with individual customers of small volumes!

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    Technical task

    Total sheet thickness

    Depending on the type of material, the thickness can be from 0.5 mm to 20 mm

    Maximum sheet dimensions

    Work surface size - 6000 × 2000 mm

    Sheet thickness by material

    Structural steel - 20mm
    Stainless steel - 15mm
    Non-ferrous metals - 10mm

    Positioning accuracy

    The positioning accuracy of our laser is 0.01 mm

    Max sheet weight

    The maximum sheet weight is 2500 kg

    Maximum laser power

    Maximum laser power is 4000W

    What types of metals can we cut?


    Carbon steel

    Sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 20 mm


    Stainless steel

    Sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 15 mm



    Sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm



    Sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm


    Other metals

    Depending on the metal

    2500 m2



    Fast production

    Full cycle


    Main technical characteristics:

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    The main advantages of KSL metal laser cutting

    Why should you order metal laser cutting services from us?

    Full production cycle

    Your product is manufactured by one contractor at one factory

    We comply deadlines

    Production of an average batch takes from 3 working days

    Market prices for services

    We constantly monitor the metalworking market and control our pricing system

    We draw product layouts

    We develop a part model from scratch for free according to your terms of reference

    High quality products

    The quality produced by KSL complies with all international standards

    Fast delivery of orders

    We organize the delivery of products to your warehouse, you do not need to worry about anything

    Examples of products made by laser cutting of metal

    Useful information on laser cutting of metal pipes

    General information on laser cutting of metal

    Laser cutting of metal is one of the most popular and effective methods of machining metal blanks. The advantage of laser cutting is the ideal cut quality in combination with a high speed of manufacturing parts. In addition, the method is considered profitable from an economic point of view, as it is distinguished by the almost complete absence of waste. The edges are smooth, they practically do not require refinement. Workpieces are not deformed during the cutting process. If the work is performed by an experienced craftsman, cutting metal with a laser will allow you to get a finished product, not a workpiece.

    A feature of the technology is the use of special installations that transmit a powerful laser beam. The essence of machining is to focus the laser beam on the surface to be treated. Due to the inherent properties of the laser, it will contribute to the active destruction of the metal – the metal begins to melt, evaporate, burn, and so on.

    To achieve this effect, the specific properties of the laser beam allow:

    1. Monochromatic. Due to the constancy of the wavelength and frequency, the laser beam can be easily focused on the treated surface using conventional optical lenses.
    2. High beam directivity with minimal divergence angle. This ensures a high level of focus.
    3. Coherence. Many wave processes simultaneously occur in a laser beam. All of them are coordinated with each other, due to which the total radiation power increases several times.

    Metal laser cutting technology (in fact, this is the effect of a light beam on the surface to be machined) provides for three stages of intermediate changes in the material of the workpiece before it turns into a machined part:

    • at the first contact of the laser beam with the metal, it is heated to the melting temperature, resulting in a shrinkage cavity;
    • at the second stage, under the influence of radiated energy, the metal begins to boil and evaporate;
    • further, the surface of the workpiece is melted to full depth, allowing the working body to make translational movements in the desired direction.

    Laser cutting of metal is a fairly high-tech process, and TRUMPF is considered the leader in this industry, which is why we chose the equipment of this particular company. The main advantage of laser cutting of metal over other types of metal processing is that the cuts after such processing remain very accurate, and the complexity of the cut holes on the pipe remains at a very high level. Also an important advantage is the minimization of the probability of errors and defects of parts due to the fact that all processes are automated and computerized. Thanks to the use of a laser, a manufacturer can fulfill large orders for the manufacture of large batches of parts in a short time.

    Laser cutting is one of the few processing methods that makes it possible to achieve high accuracy and repeatability of cut elements in a minimum production time. Laser cutting of metal is found in completely different areas of industry and is in great demand in all industries.

    резка на трумф

    Basics of metal laser cutting technology

    In laser machines, the function of autofocusing light is to direct the beam coming out of the laser generator to the cutting head, along the focusing light path. To obtain high cutting accuracy, there must be a high power of the focal spot of the beam itself.

    The essence of the trajectory control technology lies in the correctly chosen cutting criteria by the machine operator, under which the accuracy of the cut and the direction of the light beam will be observed. With incorrectly specified trajectory criteria, the part will turn out to be defective, so you need to carefully select cutting and positioning programs at the software level

    To ensure the quality of metal cutting, maintaining automatic focus on the vertical direction of the surface is the most important aspect. The integration of the laser focus position with the straight axis (X-Y-Z) makes the movement of the laser cutting head easier and more flexible, and the focus position can be well understood to avoid the cutting head colliding with the cutting pipe or other objects during processing.

    Frequently asked questions from KSL clients

    In order for us to make an accurate calculation of the cost of laser cutting of metal and the timing of the service, we need to receive from you complete information about the product, a detailed specification or a drawing in one of the formats: PDF, CDR, DWG or DXF. Prices for KSL laser cutting services are determined by such basic criteria as:

    1. Order volume;
    2. The shape, diameter and thickness of the pipe, the part to be cut;
    3. Terms of order fulfillment;
    4. The complexity of the work, depending on the part being cut;
    5. Tolling or own raw materials;
      Please note that the price of laser cutting of metal is higher than the cost of a mechanical cut, but at the same time it is comparable to the quality of the finished work. Due to the use of high-precision equipment and high speed of order fulfillment, this technology is the most profitable and practical approach to the production of metal parts today. To find out how much metal cutting costs and to order it, you can send all available drawings and drawings of products to our e-mail zakaz@ksl.ua, attach a file in the order form at the bottom of the page, or call us.

    The design department of KSL, depending on the complexity of the product, can absolutely free of charge develop for you a drawing of the product you are interested in, if the potential planned purchase volume is assessed by the direction manager as promising, in accordance with the requirements of the companies. To create a professional drawing by our design department, you need to provide the following information:

    1. PDF drawing or an example of a drawing / photo / drawing indicating the exact external and internal dimensions of the product you are interested in;
    2. What shape, diameter and thickness of the pipe will you use to get the finished part.
    3. Paint or not. If so, you need to specify the RAL color and paint texture;
    4. Desired time for obtaining a sample and ordering a finished batch;
    5. There will be tolling or own raw materials of the company;

    Due to the fact that the production process of KSL is focused on medium and large-scale production, and we make individual orders quite rarely, we are ready to consider options for orders from 1000 euros. But in any case, please contact our managers, they will advise you as soon as possible.

    The maximum sheet size processed by KSL is 6000*2000mm. The maximum thickness of the sheet metal depends on the metal that you have chosen for the product: Steel: up to 20mm, Stainless steel: 15mm Aluminum: up to 10mm, for other metals, check with our managers separately.

    Numerical control (CNC) is an important addition that allows you to make laser cutting of thin and thick sheets of metal and pipes as accurate as possible and corresponding to the set technical requirements. CNC is produced using a computer program, in which the cutting process is automated and proceeds in full accordance with the specified parameters. The use of CNC technology significantly increases the speed of order fulfillment and improves the quality of finished products.

    The production complex of the KSL company is located in the city of Kyiv on Semyi Sosninyh street 9. Laser cutting of metal Kyiv is very popular, many Kyiv metalworking shops produce it, but we ask you to pay your attention to the timing of orders and the quality of goods at an affordable price offered by KSL.

    The KSL company implements orders throughout Ukraine and abroad. We are constantly approached by companies from all regions of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lutsk and many other regions of Ukraine.

    KSL has its own export department, which, in the shortest possible time, will be able to make a miscalculation of laser metal cutting for you and advise on all your questions. KSL laser cutting services are ordered from such countries as: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Poland, England, Ireland, as well as from other countries. We work under all possible conditions for international shipments according to Incoterms 2020, depending on the needs of the client.

    To place an order, you just need to contact a representative of our company “Contacts” or leave a request on the site. We will call you back to clarify the details and discuss further work.
    Laser cutting of metal pipes on favorable terms is the motto of KSL for this direction. Our employees have vast experience in working with different types of raw materials, which allows us to provide high-quality advice to our customers, as well as to fulfill orders at a high level and on time. As a rule, our logistics department organizes the delivery of finished products throughout Ukraine and abroad, so you do not need to worry when placing an order with our company. You can get acquainted with the block “How we work” on this page, a little higher.

    The main advantages of laser cutting over plasma and oxy-fuel are:
    1) The speed of metal processing, in the laser it is higher;
    2) The quality of the part that we get at the output, during laser cutting, there are practically no deformation influxes, scale, notches, roughness on it;
    3) Finished products do not need additional post-processing;
    4) Affordable cost of laser cutting of metal with high accuracy (error +/- 0.05 mm);
    5) It is possible to produce identical parts with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.


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    Order calculation

                                              ATTENTION to our Dear Customers!
    Our company works exclusively with serial or large one-time orders! Unfortunately, we do not work with individual customers of small volumes!

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