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Our company offers sheet metal stamping services using modern equipment, at competitive prices and within the agreed time!

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    Technical task

    Total sheet thickness

    The total sheet thickness is from 0.5mm to 2.5mm

    Maximum sheet width

    The maximum sheet width is 450 mm

    Die plate size

    Die plate size — 850x1120 / 660x860 mm

    Max strokes per minute

    The maximum number of strokes per minute is up to 60

    Max force

    The maximum force is 250 tons

    Maximum die power

    Maximum die power 25 kW

    What kinds of metals can we stamp?


    Carbon steel


    Stainless steel






    Other metals

    2500 m2



    Fast production

    Full cycle


    Equipment used by KSL for metal stamping

    Mechanical crank press KM2134 (250t)


    Main technical characteristics:

    The main advantages of KSL metal stamping

    Why do you need to order metal stamping services from us?

    Full cycle production

    Your product is manufactured by one contractor at one factory

    We comply deadlines

    Production of an average batch takes from 3 working days

    Market prices for services

    We constantly monitor the metalworking market and control our pricing system

    We draw product layouts

    We develop a part model from scratch for free according to your terms of reference

    High quality products

    The quality produced by KSL complies with all international standards

    Fast delivery of orders

    We organize the delivery of products to your warehouse, you do not need to worry about anything

    Examples of products made by metal stamping

    Useful information on metal stamping


    Metal stamping is a technological operation, which is a controlled process of changing the shape and dimensions of a workpiece under pressure. The process is characterized by high productivity, and therefore is widely used in various industries.

    Cold stamping is considered to be the most advanced forming method. As the name implies, these are manufacturing operations without preheating the workpiece. This method is considered the most effective, respectively, it is used for the manufacture of various parts and blanks in various industries. The best performance can be achieved using carbon and alloy steels, as well as copper and aluminum sheets. The company KSL uses cold stamping, on modern dies KE213OA (100t) and KM2134 (250t)

    Hot stamping is a technological process of stamping parts, in which the part is preheated. For heating, flame or electric furnaces are used. The process of stamping itself practically does not differ from the cold stamping method. During hot stamping, the metal thickness index should not exceed 5 mm. Using this method, elements of various thick-plate hulls are produced, often found in the shipbuilding industry.

    1. The type of die that is suitable for a particular part or workpiece is determined.

    2. A detailed drawing of the part required for stamping parts is being developed.

    3. Further, as a rule, technologists calculate the number of transitions from the workpiece to the finished product, trying to choose the best route.

    4. Preparation of complete technological and design documentation for each of the stages of the route map is being prepared, as well as drawings of the required mold are drawn.

    5. We order a mold from our partners and wait an average of 3 months until it is received.

    6. There is a process of debugging equipment and a new mold

    7. The stamping process of your part starts.

    Frequently asked questions from KSL clients

    In order for us to make an accurate calculation of the cost of metal stamping and the timing of the service, we need to receive from you complete information about the product, a detailed specification or a drawing in one of the formats: PDF, CDR, DWG or DXF. Prices for KSL stamping services are determined by such basic criteria as:

    1. Do you have a mold for the part you need to stamp. If not, then who will draw the part itself, the shape of the press, and who will order the press form from the contracting partner company.
    2. Order volume;
    3. Thickness of metal, stamped part;
    4. Terms of order fulfillment;
    5. The complexity of the work and the length of the technological route, depending on the stamped part;
    6. Tolling or own raw materials;

    Due to its low price and high speed of order fulfillment, this technology is very popular and in demand by many companies. To find out how much stamping costs and to order it, you can send all available drawings and drawings of products to our e-mail zakaz@ksl.ua, attach a file in the order form at the top of the page, or call us.

    The design department of KSL, depending on the complexity of the product, can absolutely free of charge develop for you a drawing of the product you are interested in, if the potential planned purchase volume is assessed by the direction manager as promising, in accordance with the requirements of the companies. To create a professional drawing by our design department, you need to provide the following information:

    1. PDF drawing or an example of a drawing / photo / drawing indicating the exact external and internal dimensions of the product you are interested in;
    2. What shape, diameter and thickness of the pipe will you use to get the finished part.
    3. Painting will or not. If so, you need to specify the RAL color and paint texture;
    4. Desired term for obtaining a sample and ordering a finished batch;
    5. There will be tolling or own raw materials of the company;

    Due to the fact that the production process of KSL is tailored for medium and large-scale production, and we make individual orders quite rarely, we are ready to consider options for orders from 30,000 UAH. But in any case, please contact our managers, they will advise you as soon as possible.

    The production complex of the KSL company is located in the city of Kyiv on Semyi Sosninyh street 9. Laser cutting of metal Kyiv is very popular, many Kyiv metalworking shops produce it, but we ask you to pay your attention to the timing of orders and the quality of goods at an affordable price offered by KSL.

    The KSL company implements orders throughout Ukraine and abroad. We are constantly approached by companies from all regions of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lutsk and many other regions of Ukraine.

    KSL has its own export department, which, in the shortest possible time, will be able to make a miscalculation of laser metal cutting for you and advise on all your questions. KSL laser cutting services are ordered from such countries as: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Poland, England, Ireland, as well as from other countries. We work under all possible conditions for international shipments according to Incoterms 2020, depending on the needs of the client.


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    Calculation request

    To get a calculation of your task or order a service, contact us by phone or e-mail.

    Or just fill out the form and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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